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I can’t imagine that I’ll ever end up on death row, 1. Because we don’t have the death penalty in the UK and 2. Because I’m not a criminal, but if I were to ever choose my last meal on this earth it would unequivocally and absolutely have to be Pizza.

It has got to be my all-time favourite food, and when it comes to Pizza, I’ve been around. There’s probably not one pizza place (or Italian restaurant for that matter) in and around Manchester that I haven’t tried. So when I heard that there was a new Italian restaurant opening in Altrincham, I decided to head down and see if their authentic Neapolitan pizzas live up to their rivals.

In recent years Altrincham has really stepped up its foodie game. The Market House is still one of my much-loved places to eat, Sugo Pasta Kitchen & Porta Tapas have been a huge hit, and with the recent arrival of The Con Club it’s safe to say that its residents are not short of eateries.

Residing in The Market House for a good number of years now are pizza conjurers Honest Crust – and they were my favourite until Rudy’s came along and knocked them down to No2. I couldn’t help but wonder if newcomers Tre Ciccio would be able to throw themselves into the ring and battle it out as one of the best pizza places in Manchester.

Situated outside the Metrolink station you’d be forgiven for believing that the restaurant was in fact a small café or coffee shop. Admittedly I did walk past it before realising I was in the right place and upon entering I realised that everything is not what it appeared to be. The upstairs plays home to a huge pizza oven and a few tables dotted around but hidden away downstairs is a vast, authentic-feeling 50 cover dining room. It’s excellently decorated with exposed brick walls and dim, yet warm, lighting. If I didn’t know any better (and if it wasn’t pissing it down outside) I’d think I was inside a quaint Italian bistro on the Amalfi coast.

To nibble we ordered the Nocellara Olives (£3.50) from the Valle del Belice region in Sicily which arrived at our table in a flash and were dowsed in chilli, lemon & herbs. Louis historically isn’t a lover of olives – which is fine by me as I selfishly order them anyway. However, there was something about these Olives that Louis adored and alas, I had to share.

To accompany the olives a Pane e Pinzimonio (£3.95) arrived at the table; a warm focaccia bread, Altamura & crisp pane Carasau which came served with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

As a starter I ordered the Bocconcini Fritti (£6.50). Lightly fried & bread crumbed, these little buffalo mozzarella bites were welcome on a cold evening and came accompanied by crispy and salty basil leaves and a fresh san Marzano tomato sauce.

For Louis’ starter he chose the Rotolini (£5.95). And, considering I had shared my Olives with him, I demanded he give me some of his Rotolini, you know, to restore balance to the universe and all that. They were incredibly moreish bite-sized pizza bakes stuffed with italian cured ham & fior di latte cheese, tomato and basil. The portion was large for a starter, and at this point we started to wonder how on earth we would be able to manage 2 pizzas after such a carby start.

My Capricciosa Pizza (£10.95) arrived and my mouth instantly started to water. The toppings made up of Prosciutto cotto with marinated artichokes and olives, Portobello mushrooms, tomato sauce and fior di latte cheese were an excellent and authentically-Italian combination. Wood-fired in the pizza oven the dough had incredible leoparding and was a delight to eat.   

Louis opted for the Salsiccia e friarielli pizza (£10.50) An array of spicy Tuscan sausage flavoured with fennel, Italian wild broccoli and fior di latte cheese and he devoured as much as he could before asking for a pizza box to take the rest home.

It’s safe to say that we didn’t have room for a dessert, but if I did, it would absolutely would have been the Panna cotta, which I saw being delicately delivered to the table next to us and the happiness on the bloke’s face as he ate it. On the list for next time!

Living in the city centre I have so many options to eat out, and very rarely go out of the city in search of a meal. However, knowing that Tre Ciccio is only a 30 minute tram ride away I can imagine I’ll be visiting many times in the future.

*Meal complimentary of Tre Ciccio, but as always the opinion contained in the words above are honest and my own, obvs.  


Tre Ciccio, 4a Moss Lane, Altrincham  WA14 1BA

0161 414 0196






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