- 2 Nov, 2017 -


I love everything about Hawksmoor. The self-assuredness of the traditional yet modern décor, the alluring ambiance, the cheerful staff, and of course THE STEAK. This was my fourth visit and each and every time their succulent steaks render me speechless.

Hawksmoor Machester, Deansgate

Nino Franco, ‘Primo Brut’ Prosecco NV | Veneto, Italy | £5.50

We arrived at Hawksmoor on a crisp Sunday in October and, after polite chit chat with the hostess about how autumn had well and truly arrived in the city, we headed to our table.


I’d already decided ahead of time that I’d like to try the Sunday roast, but it didn’t stop me from gawking at the menu for an entire 15 minutes.


Eventually, giving the menu back to our waiter and wiping away the large globule of drool from my mouth, we opted for the Slow-roast prime rib and all the trimmings (and an extra cauliflower cheese on the side). Priced at £80.00 it certainly isn’t the cheapest Sunday roast around but that being said, it isn’t exactly a cheap cut of beef either. Plus it would easily feed 3-4 human beings with light to normal sized appetites. I knew we were in for a treat so we patiently waited.


Sipping my glass of prosecco and glancing around, it was busy for 3pm on a Sunday, but that’s just how I like it. Hawksmoor has this special way of making you feel at home and relaxed in what would otherwise be a very busy atmosphere.

Slow-roast prime rib with all the trimmings | £80.00

When the food arrived I goggled at the amazing chunk of meat sitting on the board before us. It had that salty and fatty crust and when sliced, revealed a lusciously tender and juicy pink centre that would make even the most expensive of steaks look mediocre. The large Yorkshire puddings dwarfed by the sheer size of this 600g prime rib and, like Alice tumbling through wonderland, I become lost in a mental whirlwind of the most juicy of meats and the crispiest of fat.


The rest of the Sunday roast was also up to par. Roast potatoes that rival my mums (sorry Linda) carrots and buttery greens of the highest calibre and to top it off the Yorkies were light and fluffy, yet crisp – just perfection.

Cauliflower cheese | £6.00

Tacchino, Gavi di Gavi, 2015 | Piedmont, Italy | £9.00

Hawksmoor is infamous for their Ferrero Rocher dessert. An enormous chocolate and hazelnut filled shell with golden edible flakes is enough to make the tooth fairies ears burn. Split between two we devoured it in just a few large mouthfuls and felt no regret whatsoever.

Ambassador’s Reception | £9.00

Savouring the last few drops of my Gavi di Gavi and feeling like I could have happily stayed in the restaurant all evening, we settled the bill and left.


This particular visit to Hawksmoor was an excellent one. Faultless, even. And I'm already looking forward to next time. 


Hawksmoor Manchester, 184 – 186 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WB
0161 836 6980






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