- 9 Jan 2018 -


I’ve always had weird dreams. From NASA forcing me to go into space to participating in the 3-legged-race at my Nephews Sports Day with Pumba from The Lion King, you could write a short novel from my whacked out dreams that would give Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland a run for its money.

A few months ago I dreamt there was a restaurant who’s floor opened up at the end of your meal and dunked you into a giant vat of gravy. Think 90’s TV show Get Your Own Back, but with the absence of both Dave Benson Phillips and your primary school headteacher.

Unlikely for that idea to ever catch on, Bøck Biere Cafe have come up with the next best thing.

Confession time, folks. I have never had a fondue. Perhaps because i’m not Swiss nor did I grow up in Americas swinging 60’s. Thinking about it, I haven’t even had a chocolate fondue which is something that I need to rectify ASAP.

One thing I definitely haven’t had, or hadn’t even heard of until a few weeks ago was a Sunday Roast Fondue.

Yes, you heard me right. Beef, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables all dipped into a bubbling pot of any northerners favourite foodstuff - GRAVY.

The concept itself is enough to make any Mancunian swoon, and better yet the place that puts its name to this incredible idea is only 10 minutes walk away, right in the middle of Manchester City Centre.


Situated on Tib Lane, Bøck Biere Cafe took over the old stomping ground of dirty burger joint Filthy Cow back in 2016 and, although I had walked past it many times, I hadn’t cottoned on to the fact that this place is more than just a European Beer Cafe, but is also churning out some pretty ace food.


On a cold, glum Sunday in January I decided to try it out.

Our Sunday Roast Fondue arrived: A sharing board of 8 hour slow-cooked and melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket, Yorkshire pudding waffles, potatoes and veg sat beside a simmering cauldron of rich & flavoursome bourguignon gravy. I was practically slobbering like a dog and not even ashamed to admit it.

No knife needed, the brisket was incredibly tender and fell apart with ease, allowing me to prod it with my long-stemmed fork and dunk it, numerous times into the silkiest of gravies.

It was delightful. The vegetables were more than worthy of a dip or two, and the potatoes and parsnips were my boyfriends personal favourites.

If you’re like me and usually have your roast dinner swimming in gravy, then I would most certainly recommend Bøck for the less traditional but most entertaining and delicious Sunday Roast that i’ve had in a long time.


Bøck Biere Cafe, 10 Tib Lane, Manchester M2 4JB

0161 839 4288






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