I'm Laura

Marketing & advertising boffin. Prosecco pundit. Lover of food, fashion, beauty and my French Bulldog, Albert.


I’ve always been a foodie. From Michelin Star to McDonalds there's hardly any foodstuffs that don't get my taste buds tingling. As well as being an avid picture taker and tweeter, I started writing about food for I Love MCR back in 2015.

Fast forward a few years and I'm the resident food writer for Buzzin Manchester and contributor of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle for Boohoo.com.


A lot of people thought I already had a blog! And I used to get asked: 


People: ‘So you’re a blogger? Where can I read your thoughts on (Insert restaurant)?’


Me: ‘Well no, I’m not a blogger as such. I write for other websites’


People: ‘Oh. Why don't you just write it for your own site?’


WHY NOT INDEED. I’ve been putting it off for years.


I have a lot more to offer than just where you can find the best burger. So, here are my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. On the Internet. For the whole world to read.


Eeek! What am I doing?

©2019 | Living A La Carte

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